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Products from Continuous Basalt Fiber

Direct roving
Direct roving is a untwisted strand from simple basalt yarn which consist of one complex yarn. Direct roving is used to produce basalt geomeshes, rebars, cloths. Our unique technologies allow us to produce direct roving 17 µm/1200 tex which is the strongest fiber on the market

Technical Data Sheet (PDF)
Assembled roving
Basalt assembled rowing is produced by merging several direct roving yarns into one using special technologies and machines. This type of roving is applied to increase linear density of fiber (from 2400 tex)

Technical Data Sheet (PDF)
Chopped fiber
Basalt chopped fiber (from 3 mm length) is created by chopping basalt roving on a special machine. It used to produce fiber-reinforced concrete and pressed materials, to fill plastic and create fireproof materials.

Technical Data Sheet (PDF)
Composite macrofiber
Basalt composite macrofiber is a pultruded composite in the form of a relief thread based on cured alkali resistant epoxy resin and continuous basalt fiber. Macrofiber is designed for increase the strength and crack resistance of concrete. Wave-like relief provides anchoring in concrete and absorption of cracking energy under loads on concrete.

Technical Data Sheet (PDF)
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