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Continuous Basalt Fiber manufacturing technologies

We offer tailored turnkey solutions from furnace and bushing design to product development
About us
We are an experienced international team with deep expertise in materials science, thermodynamics, engineering, manufacturing, and marketing
Why basalt fiber?
Environmental friendliness
Continuous basalt fiber is made from environmentally friendly basalt of igneous origin and is absolutely non toxic
Continuous basalt fiber exceeds E glass in physical and mechanical characteristics such as tensile strenght, modulus of elasticity, impact resistance
Chemical resistance
Continuous basalt fiber exceeds E glass in corrosive resistance, alkali resistance and acid resistance and the service life is significantly higher
Heat resistance
Continuous basalt fiber exceeds glass fiber in all heat resistans properties by more than 20% in average
Low weight,
easy installation
Products made of basalt fiber are 5–9 times lighter than metal products, they are easier to install on the spot, as this reduces the cost of labor and transportation costs
Low thermal conductivity
"Cold joints" are not typical for products from continuous basalt fiber,
also they have a coefficient of thermal expansion similar to concrete
Radio transparency
All products from continuous basalt fiber have full radio transparency, do not magnetize and do not accumulate radiation
Lack of electrical conductivity
Products made of continuous basalt fiber do not conduct electric current
Why work with us?
Our unique technology enables our clients to achieve the following benefits:
  • Competitive Pricing
    Our technology offers cost-effective solutions that compete with E-Glass
  • High-throughput Bushings
    Bushings up to 2,400 tips that can significantly increase production efficiency
  • Wide Range of Products
    From fine yarn to 2,000 tex direct and up to 4,800 assembled roving
  • Variety of Binders
    Custom binder formulations suitable for thermoplastic and thermoset applications
  • Range of Filament Diameters
    10 to 22 microns, providing our clients with diverse and customizable applications
Our turnkey solutions include
Rock Selection and Testing
Facility, Furnace and Bushing Design
Product, Application, Sizing/Binder Development
Project Management,
Commissioning, and Training

Key technology indicators

  • Technology efficiency
    Gas consumption 0.6 m³/kg of fiber
    Electricity consumption - 1.2 kW/kg of fiber
    Consumption of metals < 2.0 g/t of fiber
  • Bushings weight
    800 tips bushing - 3500 gram of Pt/Rh10
    1200 tips bushing - 4800 gram of Pt/Rh10
    1600 tips bushing - 6600 gram of Pt/Rh10
  • Bushings Performance
    800 tips bushing ≈ 600 kg of fiber per day
    1200 tips bushing ≈ 750 kg of fiber per day
    1600 tips bushing ≈ 1000 kg of fiber per day
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