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Basalt fiber opens up a new world of possibilities in the design of automotive parts.
Materials based on basalt fibers are one of the most promising materials for use in the automotive industry. Such materials include continuous basalt fibers, composite materials reinforced with explosives, heat and sound insulating materials, anticorrosive and protective coatings; heat and sound insulation of engines, car interiors, silencers.
  • Composite materials and products based on continuous fibers and reinforcing fabrics.
    From these materials are made: external parts of the car bumpers, fairings, spoilers; elements of the interior trim of the car torpedo, decorative panels of the cabin, elements of protection for the car body, car underbody, protection of structural elements of the car above the wheels.
  • Thermo and sound insulation materials.
    Materials for thermal and sound insulation of the vehicle interior, engine and exhaust silencer.
  • Materials for special applications.
    Reinforcing materials for the manufacture of brake pads and friction discs (clutch discs). Materials for the manufacture of engine gaskets and silencers. Body parts, body parts, exhaust catalysts.
Basalt-filled thermoplastics are composite materials consisting of a polymer and pieces of complex basalt filaments.
Table of characteristics of basalt-filled polypropylene:
Basalt-filled polyamides are designed for injection molding of various products of structural, electrical insulation and general purpose, have high heat resistance and increased mechanical properties, are resistant to liquid hydrocarbons, mineral oils, concentrated and weak alkalis and acids, and can be painted with powder dyes or superconcentrates as in extrusion process and injection molding
Strength characteristics of basalt-filled thermoplastics (polypropylene, polyamide), 20-30% higher than imported analogues
Table of characteristics of basalt-filled polyamide:
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